How the booking process works

A step-by-step guide for hunting opportunity providers

  1. Hunter selects a Provider (i.e. Outfitter or Farm) where he wishes to hunt
  2. Hunter chooses desired dates on the calendar
  3. Provider will receive an enquiry by both text message and email. A copy of this message will also be sent to one of our NextHunt customer agents, who will be responsible for dealing with any enquiries which may arise.
  4. If the Provider is willing and able to accommodate the Hunter over the dates requested, then the Provider will need to respond to the request by clicking on a link in the email message or on the Provider's dashboard.
  5. The Hunter is then presented with a check-out option, where he will need to pay a deposit, which deposit percentage is pre-determined by the Provider, in order to complete the booking process.
  6. Once this deposit has been paid and verified, NextHunt will inform the Provider accordingly.
  7. The Provider's dashboard calendar (on the website) will be blocked out for the duration of the dates.
  8. Both Provider and the Hunter will receive a confirmatory email and sms that the booking has been confirmed and paid for.
  9. Both Provider and the Hunter will receive an email and sms with each other’s contact details.
  10. the Provider may also communicate with the Hunter through the profile messenger service.
  11. One week prior to the hunt taking place, the Provider and the Hunter will receive a reminder email as well as an sms.
  12. After completion of the hunt, the Hunter may settle his outstanding account with the Provider directly or through the NextHunt payment system.
  13. Any funds received will be remitted to the Provider within 10 days after completion of a successful hunt. A successful hunt is such where no dispute is raised with NextHunt within seven days following the end of the scheduled hunting trip.
  14. If the Provider has additional facilities available and is able to host additional hunting parties, he may add a lodge to his profile. This lodge will then have its own separate calendar, but will share the Provider's main profile’s details including price list, as a default, although this is editable by the Provider.
  15. Our money-back guarantee ensures that if your host double-booked or does not exist at the time and date of your arranged hunt, we will reimburse you in full and may (subject to investigation) remove and suspend the host from our system. You deposit is therefore 100% protected in this way.