Hunt The Sun (Arnotsdale)

Situated on 30,000 ha in Northern Cape (South Africa)

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Situated an hour’s drive from the Kimberley airport (100km on the N12 towards Hopetown) in the Northern Cape, is our central hunting area. This camp is an oasis in the dry African savannah. The thorn trees and grassy plains supporting large herds of plains game, offers a truly African experience. We offer over 30 000 hectares of hunting concessions within the Northern Cape with many species. The hunting technique used is mainly walk and stalk. The plains game hunt is an affordable and exciting hunt. We offer rifle and bow hunting, with experienced professional hunter and the best local trackers.

Accommodation options
Self-catering accommodation: R 750 per person per night that includes a chef, coffee & tea, the cleaning of your rooms daily, field staff and skinning staff. We can provide a hunting vehicle (driven by our own driver) at a cost of R5/km, but needs to be arranged when booking your hunt. You need to provide your own food and drinks.
Catered for accommodation: For an additional R600 per person per night, all meals & beverages are provided.

Bontebuck Trophy: R15 000
Eland Cull and Kudu Trophy: Only available by special request

Prices are exclusive of VAT and Subject to Availability.

PLEASE NOTE: We don’t have any objections to you enjoying a drink, but we will not tolerate any vandalism & excessive drunkenness. NO ALCOHOL MAY BE CONSUMED IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO OR DURING HUNTING.

PLEASE NOTE: No headshots will be allowed unless stipulated by the guide/ph and if an animal is lost due to a headshot then you as the client will pay an additional penalty equivalent to the price of the animal that was hunted. If an animal is wounded and lost the client will also be responsible to pay the full amount of the animal that was hunted. A Trophy animal is a representative of the species. In order to provide a good price we have to offer most of our trophies to our international clients. Our Cull Hunts we offer to our South African hunters, which are predominantly female animals, but can include non-trophy males or excess trophy males. Trophy animal prices on request.

Facilities include Airport Charter Service, Caping, Catering available, Cleaners available, Cooling facilities, Corporate Hunts, Hunting DVD upon request, Hunting vehicle, Licenced outfitter, Photographic Safaris, Rifle available to hire, Salt room, Self-catering, Shooting range 100m+, Slaughter facilities and VAT registered

4 - 16 guests can be accommodated.

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Hunting Specifications

Meat and Trophy Hunting
Bow and Rifle Hunting
Bushveld and Kalahari
Voorsit / Ambush and Walk & Stalk
Black Wildebeest (Female) (2900.00 ZAR)
Black Wildebeest (Male) POA
Black Wildebeest (Trophy) POA
Blesbuck (Female) (950.00 ZAR)
Blesbuck (Male) POA
Blesbuck (Trophy) POA
Blue Wildebeest (Female) (2900.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Male 1) POA
Blue Wildebeest (Trophy) POA
Eland (Cape) (Female) (6000.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Male 1) POA
Eland (Cape) (Trophy 1) POA
Gemsbok / Oryx (Female) (4200.00 ZAR)
Gemsbok / Oryx (Male 1) POA
Gemsbok / Oryx (Trophy) POA
Kudu (Female) (2500.00 ZAR)
Springbuck (Female) (950.00 ZAR)
Springbuck (Male) POA
Springbuck (Trophy 1) POA
Warthog (Female) (950.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Male) POA
Warthog (Trophy) POA
Zebra (Burchell's) (Female) (6500.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Male) (6500.00 ZAR)

Applicable Rates

750.00 ZAR
750.00 ZAR
Full Price

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