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Nkonka Safaris (Nkonka)

Situated on 10,000 ha in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

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Come and enjoy hunting in abundance on this 10 000ha concession on the Umkomazi river. Great for families and for fly-fishing. Some beautiful trophy Nyala, Kudu and Black Wildebeest roam these fields, so expect some hard and smart hunting in order to get your trophy.

One hour's drive south of Pietermaritzburg, makes Nkonka Camp very accessible to anyone.

Experienced professional hunter and gun-dog trainer will be your host and guide on your next unforgettable hunt.


Client Review

I had the opportunity to recently go on a memorable hunt at Inkwazi Safaris  in the Richmond area of KwaZulu Natal supported by their PH Ruan Pretorius.

The accommodation at Nyala Pans lodge was basic, but clean and comfortable and provided everything that I needed for my two day hunt. The camp staff was friendly and helpful and their hospitality added to a very pleasant stay.   

The hunting took place in the beautiful Umkomaas valley. The beautiful natural bush on the rolling hills and steep deep ravines, provided a challenging but extremely rewarding hunting experience. 

My target species were Bushbuck and Nyala.

Ruan's expert knowledge of the area and the species targeted enabled me to find me two good representative trophies in the limited time that we had available. 

Our stalk down the mountain and through the thick vegetation of a ravine to within shooting range of a beautiful Nyala Bull, definitely counts as one of my best stalks on an animal in over 20 years of hunting.

I would definitely recommend Inkwazi Safari's to any hunter and I am looking forward to my next stalk through the hills and dales of the Umkomaas valley with Ruan.

Rudolf Badenhorst, June 2020

Facilities include Airport Charter Service, Canoeing or rafting, Caping, Catering available, Cell phone reception, Cleaners available, Concession to hunt year round, Cooling facilities, Corporate Hunts, Eskom power, Family friendly, Fishing, Fly fishing, Game drives, Gun dog, Hiking, Hunting DVD upon request, Hunting vehicle, Laundry service, Rifle available to hire, Salt room, Self-catering, Slaughter facilities, Swimming pool, Taxidermy services available and Wingshooting

4 - 30 guests can be accommodated.

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Hunting Specifications

Meat and Trophy Hunting
Bow and Rifle Hunting
Bushveld, Hills and River
Hide / Blind and Walk & Stalk
Black Wildebeest (Female) (3750.00 ZAR)
Black Wildebeest (Male) (4800.00 ZAR)
Blesbuck (Female) (1950.00 ZAR)
Blesbuck (Male) (2500.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Female) (3950.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Male 1) (5000.00 ZAR)
Bushbuck (Female) (5500.00 ZAR)
Bushbuck (Male) (5500.00 ZAR)
Bushpig (Female) (3500.00 ZAR)
Bushpig (Male) (3500.00 ZAR)
Common Reedbuck (Male) (7500.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Blue) (14000.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Female) (1000.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Male) (1000.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Female) (6500.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Male 1) (15000.00 ZAR)
Impala (Female) (1650.00 ZAR)
Impala (Knypkop/Bowram) (1650.00 ZAR)
Impala (Male 1) (2500.00 ZAR)
Impala (Penkop/Juvenile) (1350.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Female) (4500.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Male 1) (5500.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Male 2) (11000.00 ZAR)
Mountain reedbuck (Female) (2500.00 ZAR)
Mountain reedbuck (Male) (2500.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Male 1) (5000.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Male 2) (7700.00 ZAR)
Oribi (35000.00 ZAR)
Springbuck (Female) (1500.00 ZAR)
Springbuck (Male) (1500.00 ZAR)
Vaal Rhebuck (8500.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Male) (1500.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Female) (7500.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Male 1) (7500.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Female) (4500.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Male) (4500.00 ZAR)

Applicable Rates

385.00 ZAR
285.00 ZAR
285.00 ZAR
Full price

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Combo 1: Kudu+Nyala

Males, non-trophy

Package Cost: 17,000.00 ZAR

Combo 2: Kudu+Nyala+BlackWB

Males, non-trophy

Package Cost: 21,000.00 ZAR

Combo 3: Kudu+Nyala+BlackWB+Blesbuck+Impala+Warthog

Males, non-trophy

Package Cost: 25,000.00 ZAR


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