Chimoyo Wildlife and Safaris

Situated on 3,100 ha in Gravelotte, Limpopo (South Africa)

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Hunting Area
Below the majestic peaks of the northern Drakensberg, the Letaba River in the north and Elephants River in the south, embrace a picturesque valley situated between the towns of Tzaneen and Hoedspruit. This aptly named Valley of the Elephants forms a true wildlife paradise.

Chimoyo Wildlife & Safaris stretches over 3,100 hectares of unspoilt bush and is centrally situated in the Valley of the Elephants. The species diversity and abundance of animals coupled with the remoteness of its location, adds unique old style Africa romanticism and excitement to your safari. Here you hunt anything from the dainty steenbuck to a majestic buffalo bull!

The habitat is distinctly and predominantly African lowveld with sweet grass, many tall trees such as leadwood, knob-thorn and marula as well as low shrub like trees mostly consisting of Grewia species. Hunting in this bush environment is challenging but most satisfactory as it is strictly conducted on foot only. The terrain consist of generally flat and undulating plains
interspersed with a series of granite koppies.

The hunting area is normally divided into 5 blocks of 600 hectare each and we allow 5 hunters out at any given time. There is a sunken (pit) blind for bow-hunters at one of the popular water holes.

Chimoyo Safaris is located outside the foot and mouth disease control area, in the lowveld of Limpopo, South Africa. Accordingly, all meat and venison, including buffalo meat, may be transported to the rest of South Africa with the necessary permits which we will provide.

• The eco-friendly hunting camp is equipped with solar power and consists of 5 canvas tents (3m x 3m) on elevated wooden decks.
• Each tent comfortably accommodates 2 adults so we can accommodate groups up to 10 people.
• Bed linen, pillows and blankets are provided.
• We do not provide any towels; please bring your own.
• There is a thatched rondavel serving as kitchen and dining area, as well as an 8-seater table with chairs.
• The kitchen comes equipped with a gas stove and oven, fridge/freezer, crockery, cutlery, utensils, pots and pans.
• The enclosed boma has a central fire-pit, barbecue grids, prep counter and 10 camping chairs.
• The ablution facilities consists of 2 bathrooms, equipped with warm water showers, basins and toilets.

Fees for adults
• Hunters and Non-hunters (1 - 4 persons) R550.00 per person per night
• Hunters and Non-hunters (5 - 7 persons) Discount of R50.00 pppn for the entire group i.e. R500.00 pppn
• Hunters and Non-hunters (8 - 10 persons) Additional discount of R50.00 pppn for the entire group i.e. R450.00 pppn
Discount is calculated upon checkout

Fees for children
• 0 – 2 years: Free,
• 3-6 years: 50% of the daily rate,
• 7-18 years: Full price
• To encourage our young hunters, all animals hunted by juniors (< 16 years of age) will be discounted by 10%.

Day fees include
• Accommodation in the self-catering fully equipped eco-friendly hunting camp is equipped with solar power.
• The camp will be cleaned and serviced on a daily basis from 7h30 to 9h30.
• Services of our hunting guides. Maximum of 5 guides available.
• Skinning of animals include: removal of intestines, head, feet and skin.
• A hunting vehicle to transport hunters to their respective hunting blocks and back to the camp, as well as for the recovery of hunted animals.
• Cold room facilities
• Hunting and transportation permits
• A reasonable amount of fire wood will be supplied on a daily basis.

Slaughter/Meat processing
Included with the accommodation/day fee is the skinning of your animal/s.
While you still enjoy the rest of your hunt we can provide the following services (please enquire about prices):
• Cutting, curing and drying of your biltong and steaks.
• Making of venison boerewors.
• Making venison dry wors.
• Mince meat (1kg - 2kg) bags.
• Vacuum pack your cuts eg. steaks and fillets.

Field preparation of trophies
• Skull Mount: Rams or Boars R160.00 / Bulls R270.00
• Shoulder Mount: Rams or Boars R270.00 / Bulls R380.00
• Full Cape: Ramd or Boars R300.00 / Bulls R400.00 / Zebra R400.00 / Giraffe or Buffalo R2 100.00

Chimoyo Nyala Bulls Special 2020: Nyala Bulls <25" R6 000.00

No Kudu Bulls over 56" may be hunted

Minimum 4 persons and 3 nights per booking.

Prices exclude VAT

Last updated: 05/02/2020

Facilities include Bedding included, Caping, Catering available, Cell phone reception, Cleaners available, Cooling facilities, Corporate Hunts, Family friendly, Farm usually responds within 24 hours, Meat processing, Self-catering, Shooting range 50m+, Slaughter facilities, Solar powered, Taxidermy services available, VAT registered, We understand Afrikaans and We understand English

4 - 10 guests can be accommodated.

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Hunting Specifications

Meat and Trophy Hunting
Bow and Rifle Hunting
Walk & Stalk
Blue Wildebeest (Female) (4500.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Male 1) (4750.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Trophy) (6950.00 ZAR)
Cape Buffalo (Trophy 1) (100000.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Female) (1100.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Male) (1200.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Trophy) (2150.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Male 1) (12800.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Trophy 1) (19800.00 ZAR)
Gemsbok / Oryx (Female) (4300.00 ZAR)
Gemsbok / Oryx (Male 1) (4300.00 ZAR)
Gemsbok / Oryx (Trophy) (5400.00 ZAR)
Giraffe (Female) (16050.00 ZAR)
Giraffe (Male) (16050.00 ZAR)
Impala (Black) (7500.00 ZAR)
Impala (Female) (1300.00 ZAR)
Impala (Male 1) (1500.00 ZAR)
Impala (Trophy 1) (3000.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Female) (4750.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Male 1) (8050.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Trophy 1) (15000.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Female) (4000.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Male 1) (9000.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Trophy 1) (13000.00 ZAR)
Sable (Trophy 1) (32000.00 ZAR)
Steenbuck (Male) (1600.00 ZAR)
Steenbuck (Trophy) (3200.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Female) (900.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Male) (1000.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Trophy) (2700.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Female) (4300.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Male 1) (4800.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Trophy) (15000.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Female) (4500.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Male) (4500.00 ZAR)

Applicable Rates

550.00 ZAR
550.00 ZAR
275.00 ZAR
Full Price

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