Bhejane Game Reserve (Bhejane Lodge)

Situated on 2,500 ha in Willowmore, Eastern Cape (South Africa)

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Bhejane lodge

The Lodge have a stunning view over the Grootrivier mountains and is situated close to the lapa, bar and swimming pool. It consists of a nice braai area and two rooms with 2 single beds in each. The cost will be minimum of R700 per day or R350 per adult and R150 for children under 10 years.

All accommodation is self-catering
Each facility is booked out exclusively to you to ensure total privacy.

Meals (we serve 2 meals a day):                            
Brunch:  Adults R105 / Children (under 10) R60
Dinner:  Adults R160 / Children (under 10)   R80         


HUNTING FEE:  R450 per hunter per day for biltong hunters (incl. personal guide, hunting fee, transport and cooling facilities) R750 per hunter for hunting on Sundays and Public Holidays.Observer fee R150 per person per day

A limit of 3 hunters per hunting party.

Other Activities                                                                                                   
Game drives (minimum cost R300): Adults: R105pp / Children: R50pp

General Information & Hunting Rules
Gun safety first priority
- Bhejane is surrounded by mountains and small hills and present the hunter a great opportunity for “walk and stalk”.

- We have a secure safe where  you can leave your personal belongings
- No hunting without a guide accompanying the hunter. The guide/hunter will under no circumstances leave each other’s company. A limit of 3 hunters per hunting party
- PH’s will not cater for guests.
- Hunters must book a minimum of 2 night’s accommodation (time IN  14:00 not later than 20:00, time OUT  10:00)
- There is no cell phone reception in the area, WI-FI available at a cost
- First bundle of wood free of charge. Extra wood available at R100 a bundle.

Slaughter fees per carcass 

- Big Game eg. Eland - R150.00
- Medium Game eg. Kudu R100.00   
- Slaughter and Cape fees for game slaughtered on Sundays will be charge at double the normal tariff.
- Caping fees R400.00 per animal

Rifle Hire 
- 2 x 270 and 1 x 30.06
- R450 per rifle per day, R30 bullet, (R1000 deposit on rifle. Deposit will be paid back if rifle is in good condition like it was before hiring)

Trophy Animals Prices:

- Kudu Trophy 42-48" R 5500.00 / 48 – 52 inches R10 000.00
- Eland Trophy 35" R18 000.00
- Springbuck Trophy 13" R 2000.00
- Impala Trophy 22,5" R 3000.00
- Nyala Trophy 27" R 15 000.00
- Mountain Reedbuck Trophy 6" R4500.00
- Klipspringer Trophy 4,1/8" R8000.00

Facilities include Airfield / Landing strip, Bird watching, Catering available, Cleaners available, Cooling facilities, Eskom power, Family friendly, Fishing, Game drives, Hiking, Hunting vehicle, Mountain biking, Photographic Safaris, Rifle available to hire, Self-catering, Slaughter facilities, Swimming pool and Walking trails

2 - 20 guests can be accommodated.

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Hunting Specifications

Meat and Trophy Hunting
Rifle Hunting only
Hills, Mountains, Plains and River
Hide / Blind and Walk & Stalk
Blesbuck (Trophy) (2500.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Female) (4500.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Male 1) (4500.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Trophy) (7000.00 ZAR)
Bushpig (Female) (1500.00 ZAR)
Bushpig (Male) (1500.00 ZAR)
Bushpig (Trophy) (2000.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Female) (1000.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Male) (1000.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Trophy) (1800.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Female) (9500.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Male 1) (9500.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Trophy 1) (18000.00 ZAR)
Fallow deer (Female) (2500.00 ZAR)
Fallow deer (Male) (2500.00 ZAR)
Fallow deer (Trophy) (3500.00 ZAR)
Impala (Female) (2000.00 ZAR)
Impala (Male 1) (2200.00 ZAR)
Impala (Trophy 1) (4000.00 ZAR)
Klipspringer (Trophy) (8000.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Female) (3800.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Male 1) (4500.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Trophy 1) (5500.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Trophy 2) (10000.00 ZAR)
Lechwe (Female) (8500.00 ZAR)
Lechwe (Trophy) (14000.00 ZAR)
Mountain reedbuck (Female) (3200.00 ZAR)
Mountain reedbuck (Male) (3200.00 ZAR)
Mountain reedbuck (Trophy) (4500.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Female) (8500.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Male 1) (8500.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Trophy 1) (15000.00 ZAR)
Ostrich (3500.00 ZAR)
Red Hartebeest (Trophy) (8000.00 ZAR)
Springbuck (Trophy 1) (1800.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Female) (1100.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Male) (1100.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Trophy) (2000.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Female) (7500.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Male) (7500.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Trophy) (7500.00 ZAR)

Applicable Rates

350.00 ZAR
350.00 ZAR
150.00 ZAR
Full Price - R250 for extra search cost
Caping R400 Skinning R100 - R150

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