Bosveld Jag en Natuur (Jagtershuis)

Situated on 1,312 ha in Roedtan, Limpopo (South Africa)

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A certificate of confirmation of the hunt will be provided upon completion of the hunt so as to assist with the application of new licenses.
The bush is in places thick and provides excellent and challenging walk-and-stalk hunting. If the pulling of the trigger is the cherry on top of the hunt, then the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the bush will provide a truly memorable experience.
We are looking for hunters, not shooters, to enjoy the farm and nature with us. Therefore we provide no television, radio, telephone or games in the guest house. Everything revolves around the beauty of the Nature and the beauty of the Hunt.



Fully equipped; 3 bedrooms self-catering prefabricated house (sleeps 7). Only one group at a time:
- Eskom power
- air-conditioning
- fridge gas stove as well as a microwave
- flush toilet in the house, as well as a second flush toilet outside;
- geyser (as well as a cold/hot shower outside)
- lapa, two to choose from
- linen, towels and firewood is provided
- No pets
- Swimming pool

Minimum 2 hunters and 2 nights per booking.



R 500 per day for a hunter.
R 380 per day for a non-hunter.
Children under 12 half price (non-hunter)
Kids under 6 visit for free.

Rates include:

Accommodation (Use of swimming pool at own risk)
Skinning of carcass.
Hunting vehicle.
100 meter shooting range solely for shooting in rifle.
VAT included on all prices



Wounded animals that are not found – full price!
Minimum caliber for kudu and blue wildebeest: .30
Minimum caliber for giraffe: .375
Hunting from Monday 06h00 to Friday 16h00.
We do NOT hunt or do business on Saturdays.
Permits for the transport of warthog carcasses are available from owner.


Wood refill: R 150 per refill. There is enough wood for 3 night's worth of braaing.
Domestic help for dishwashing: R 100 per day.
GAME VIEWING in owner's game viewing vehicle (day or night) – R300 per trip.
DEPOSIT: confirmation of booking is made with 50% of accommodation within 5 days of booking. OUTSTANDING FEE: payable at arrival.
PAYMENT: Cash or by means of EFT.

Facilities include Air conditioning in units, Bird watching, Caping, Cell phone reception, Cleaners available, Cooling facilities, Eskom power, Family friendly, Game drives, Hunting DVD upon request, Hunting vehicle, Internet access / WiFi, Meat processing, Photographic Safaris, Rifle safes, Self-catering, Shooting range 100m+, Slaughter facilities, Swimming pool, Taxidermy services available and VAT included

2 - 7 guests can be accommodated.

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Hunting Specifications

Meat and Trophy Hunting
Bow and Rifle Hunting
Hide / Blind and Walk & Stalk
Baboon (500.00 ZAR)
Blesbuck (Female) (2200.00 ZAR)
Blesbuck (Male) (2800.00 ZAR)
Blesbuck (Trophy) (3200.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Male 1) (5200.00 ZAR)
Blue Wildebeest (Trophy) (6000.00 ZAR)
Bushbuck (Male) (7000.00 ZAR)
Bushpig (Male) (1300.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Male) (3000.00 ZAR)
Duiker (Grey) (Trophy) (3500.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Male 1) (12500.00 ZAR)
Eland (Cape) (Trophy 1) (15000.00 ZAR)
Game Birds (250.00 ZAR)
Giraffe (Male) (20000.00 ZAR)
Guinea Fowl (250.00 ZAR)
Impala (Female) (1700.00 ZAR)
Impala (Male 1) (1900.00 ZAR)
Impala (Trophy 1) (2500.00 ZAR)
Jackal (300.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Female) (8000.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Male 1) (9500.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Male 2) (12000.00 ZAR)
Kudu (Male 3) (16000.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Male 1) (13000.00 ZAR)
Nyala (Male 2) (15800.00 ZAR)
Ostrich (3500.00 ZAR)
Porcupine (500.00 ZAR)
Red Hartebeest (Male) (6500.00 ZAR)
Red Hartebeest (Trophy) (8000.00 ZAR)
Steenbuck (Male) (3000.00 ZAR)
Steenbuck (Trophy) (3500.00 ZAR)
Tsessebe (Male) (19500.00 ZAR)
Warthog (Male) (1300.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Female) (6000.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Male 1) (8600.00 ZAR)
Waterbuck (Trophy) (14000.00 ZAR)
Zebra (Burchell's) (Male) (7500.00 ZAR)

Applicable Rates

500.00 ZAR
380.00 ZAR
190.00 ZAR
Full Price

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