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The NextHunt Cause

Giving back

NextHunt is committed to conservation and to improve the reputation of hunting amongst non-hunters and anti-hunters.

By making financial contributions to institutions like the National Parks Board, the World Wildlife Foundation and various rhino conservation projects, we aim to assist in preserving our current fauna.

NextHunt therefore commits to donate a percentage of revenue to promote campaigns to improve the reputation of hunting amongst the general public.

By supporting NextHunt, you are actively contributing to conservation as well as a sustainable future for hunting.


NextHunt Ethics Charter

Organisational objectives

  1. To connect hunters with hunting opportunities on a willing buyer-willing seller basis.
  2. To conduct business in an honest, ethical, fair, courteous and socially responsible manner.
  3. To promote conservation of fauna and flora.
  4. To educate hunters and non-hunters on the role and place of hunting in our society.
  5. To provide employment opportunities indiscriminately.

Rules of Good Conduct

  1. To respect the spirit and the letter of all applicable laws.
  2. To treat our clients and stakeholders with respect and fairness.
  3. To protect the confidentiality of the information to which we have access to.

Conservation objectives

  1. To support relevant Hunters' associations with their conservation initiatives.
  2. To contribute financially and otherwise to anti-poaching initiatives.
  3. To contribute financially and otherwise to protection of endangered species projects.
  4. To educate hunters and non-hunters alike about the positive effects of hunting on a community and the environment.
  5. To expose those who abuse animals by reporting them to the authorities.