Why use NextHunt to make a booking instead of booking directly with the Outfitter?


  1. Cost. You will not pay more for a booking through NextHunt. If our quoted prices is different to what the outfitter charges you directly, please let us know and we’ll match that price.
  2. Deposit guarantee. NextHunt guarantees your deposit, so if the outfitter goes out of business after you’ve paid your deposit, but before your hunt, we will reimburse you the full amount.
  3. Support. NextHunt call-centre will provide assistance with any bookings you’ve made through us.
  4. Convenience. All the information from the outfitter is collated and presented in an easily understandable and comparable format. It is very easy to search and buy your next hunting trip according to your specific requirements. All communication will also be relevant and we won’t bother you unnecessarily.
  5. Rating system. If you would like to give feedback after your hunt, you can do so and in so doing give credit where its due so other hunters can know; or if you had a bad experience, warn other hunters against having a similar experience (subject to NextHunt doing a follow up investigation).
  6. Loyalty programme. NextHunt will give you 5% discount on all subsequent bookings after your 3rd booking of the season, or 5th booking overall.
  7. Preferred bookings. Loyal supporters of NextHunt will receive special packages and new releases before we communicate them to all other hunters.
  8. Relationships. NextHunt have relationships with our outfitters and acts as a broker, which means that we can tailor your booking or provide additional or cheaper options or assist in resolving any disputes.
  9. Merchandise. Loyal supporters of NextHunt will have exclusive access to NextHunt merchandise, which includes shirts, caps, coffee mugs, rifle-bags, pens, knives and more.
  10. Insurance. We can provide insurance cover for all people and all weapons for your next hunting trip.